About IMP Features

IMP Features is a media agency with offices based in both the Netherlands and Australia. IMP Features was originally set up as a photo agency in June 2014. The agency's main goals were to give clients what they wanted by producing daily exclusive stories and to give photographers and journalists the maximum exposure and revenues they deserved. Quickly achieving these goals, IMP Features transitioned into a media agency. Not only do we sell images, we also have a strong video feed and produce full text packages to go with our exclusive images.

At IMP Features, we aim to offer our clients a solution for every need they have. Whether it’s a photo or video license, a photo assignment anywhere in the world, advice on a public relations or marketing campaign, or by taking care of an editorial project; IMP Features can do the job for you.

Our daily production includes images, stories and videos coming in from Amsterdam, London, Los Angeles, New York, Hawaii, Ibiza, St Tropez, St Barths, Stockholm, Dubai, Bali and many other exotic places where celebrities or unique human interest stories can be found.

IMP Features have made it their goal to continually find new business models in today’s market and support quality journalism that the world needs. IMP Features is here to give you the exclusive stories you are looking for.